For our families with children, we offer full service, sit-and-fit experiences with one of our trained team members. At these appointments, you will receive personalized assistance with both sizing and shoe recommendations. 📢 PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE A SHOE FITTING WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE SETTING UP AN APPOINTMENT 📢 Our sales floor is open for walk-ins, however there could be up to a 30 minute wait depending on our schedule. Appointments do take priority over walk-ins, similar to call ahead at a restaurant. 💙 SHOP SMALL. SHOP LOCAL 💙 Thank you again for supporting our family-owned business. We are so grateful for all our new and loyal customers, that have decided to shop small and local.
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THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT ~ What You Can Expect During Your Fitting Session ~ Individual Attention ~ Multiple Options ~ Evaluating Any Foot Concerns ~ A Fit You'll Be Happy With 😊 If you have any questions please call us at 952-546-3188 or email us at