Did you know?


  • Bones are not fully formed in a child's foot until age 5. While the foot is still developing, thecartilage can be easily influenced by ill fitting footwear.
  • Babies' feet do not have arches. Arches do not start to develop until 2 years old.
  • The 52 bones in the human feet make up one quarter of all the bones in the human body.
  • Babies' feet perspire two times more than adults; so always look for breathable materials such as leather and mesh or anti-microbial linings.
  • The heel is the one bone in the foot that helps to balance baby's entire body. Wow!
  • Similar to your body, your feet are still growing into your late teen years. So your tenth pair of shoes is just as important as your very first.



  • You should never hand-down baby shoes from one child to another. Why? Baby shoes, especially shoes made of leather form to a child's foot once they are worn for a while. A person's gait is much like their fingerprint; it is unique to them. If a child wears hand-me-down shoes, his or her walking pattern may be affected since his or her feet are now trying to form to the gait of another child.
  • Shoes that do not fit correctly in childhood can contribute to poor foot development which can lead to bone, back and muscle problems later in life. To ensure a perfect fit, children's feet should be measured every 2-3 months until at least the age of 2 because their feet grow so quickly.

The shoes they wear today will affect their feet tomorrow!