Soft Sole Leather - Pink Cherry Blossom
Soft Sole Leather - Pink Cherry Blossom


Soft Sole Leather - Pink Cherry Blossom

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A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutter across these shoes to create a beautifully captivating look. The appliqué characters are backdropped by a subtle colourway, made from premium quality leather that bends and flexes with little feet, allowing for natural, unrestricted movement.
  • Elasticated stretch opening.
  • Designed to one size larger than standard, to fit average and wide feet. Elasticated opening and flexible fit.
  • Premium Leather Upper.
  • Natural Suede Soft Sole.


Avoid fully immersing in water. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry.

 SOFT STAGE - The stage range for newborns, babies and early crawlers:

  • Soft Soles are designed for the shape of babies' feet.
  • Made from super soft, 100% premium leather.
  • Elasticated collar, or hook and loop closure for easy, secure fit.
  • Friendly fun characters, colours and patterns to delight young minds.


      • Ultra soft and lightweight premium leather with uniform grain and texture.
      • Child-safe and non-toxic, all our materials and dyes are tested to EU REACH standards.
      • Ultra-soft, non-slip, suede sole.
      • Double-stitched innerseam to prevent rubbing.
      • Can be worn as an indoor shoe for older children.



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