Obermeyer Fleur Fleece Hat Iris Purple


$ 25.00 


Obermeyer Fleur Fleece Hat

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Product Details

Fabric & Insulation

100% Polyester 100wt Micro Fleece

Product Technologies

State of the art performance where you go, whatever the conditions.
Functional chin straps

Chin Straps

Obermeyer has been designing winter hats with chin straps for the kiddos for several reasons.  First, so that a rascally little one won’t pull it off;  and second, so that the wind and tumbling in the snow won’t take their hats off either, and most importantly, the chin straps are designed to cover their ears and keep heat in around their face.

Product Features

Everything you would need to be warm dry and comfortable.
From weatherproof features to convenient adjustability
to accommodating your accessories and valuables.
Reflective taping