Obermeyer Gauntlet Mitten Black


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Obermeyer Gauntlet Snow Ski Mitten

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Product Details


Fabric & Insulation

HydroBlock® Sport 100% Nylon, HydroBlock® Sport 100% Polyester Twill, HydroBlock® Sport 100% Polyester Strong Weave

Permaloft 100gm

Product Technologies

State of the art performance where you go, whatever the conditions.
Gauntlet cuff

Gauntlet Cuff

Obermeyer offers several styles of gloves with an extended cuff covering part of the lower forearm. The gauntlet design provides an additional weatherproof barrier covering the sleeve cuff. All gauntlet gloves are designed with Ski Contour™ glove construction for an ergonomic fit. Gauntlets exist in many designs, ranging from weatherproof/breathable fabric to our leather gloves.

Microfleece lining

Micro-Fleece Lining

Highly breathable micro-fleece fabric is used to create a quick reacting breathable lining and also carrying the thermal advantages of a fleece insulation.  


Zippered heater pack pocket

Zippered heater pack pocket

Integrated heater pouch pockets allow you to add chemically enhanced heat packets to the glove. This is especially beneficial to one's extremities which typically have lower blood flow. A must on cold days.

Product Features

Everything you would need to be warm dry and comfortable.
From weatherproof features to convenient adjustability
to accommodating your accessories and valuables.
  • Hook & loop cuff tab closure
  • Reinforced palm
  • Reinforced thumb
  • Integrated nose wipe
  • Integrated clips to retain mittens/gloves