Obermeyer Ski School Knit Hat Purple/Pink


$ 30.00 
Size:  S/M



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Product Details

Fabric & Insulation

100% Super Soft Acrylic Knit, 100% Polyester 100 weight micro fleece

Product Technologies

State of the art performance where you go, whatever the conditions.
Fully fleece lined

Fully fleece lined

There is nothing cozier than a warm fleece-lined jacket in the cold winter months. Fleece is super soft and has the ability to keep you warm through the chilliest temperatures. A light water resistant and breathable fleece lined jacket should be in everyone's closet.

Product Features

Everything you would need to be warm dry and comfortable.
From weatherproof features to convenient adjustability
to accommodating your accessories and valuables.
  • Cable knit
  • Pom-pom