Tsukihoshi Tornado in Fuchsia/Black


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Tsukihoshi Youth 07 Tornado Velcro Athletic in Fuchsia/Black.

Velcro Athletic shoe with an updated sole for increased traction and durability!

Tsukihoshi was established in Japan in 1873. As a leader in childrens shoe technology, they have developed a line of childrens athletic shoes that are light weight, flexible and always machine washable!

  • ''Molded Cup Insole'' is designed for children's arches while helping to neutralize foot odor.
  • Cup-Insole coated with Green-Tea Polyphenol deodorizes the smell in shoes.
  • ''Comfortable Shoe Last'' provides space in the toe area to help keep the child's toe in an unrestricted position, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground.
  • "Flex-Joint Outsole" helps to allow children's feet to bend along the line from the joint of the big toe to that of the little toe.
  • TSUKIHOSHI children's shoes can be washed by washing machine.

    Care Instructions
    * machine wash cold, air dry - do not use drying machine
    * do not wash shoes with other articles of clothing
    * do not use bleach
    * use regular detergent for most favorable results
    * refrain from drying shoes in direct sunlight, to avoid fading