About Us


Little Feet is family owned and operated since 2006. 

Store Mission

Little Feet’s mission is to fill the void for new and experienced parents who are concerned about their child’s foot development. There are few thing more frustrating than walking into a store where no one is available to answer even a few questions. We do NOT and will NEVER work on commission. Our job is to help you understand why it is so important to invest in your child’s feet.

Customized Selection of Kids Shoes

While we pride ourselves in customized fitting, we also go out of our way to offer our customers a wide variety of styles and brands. Too many times large-chain shoe stores order generic merchandise at low prices for mass markets with little consideration for local demographics and customer preference. By working on the sales floor and listening to customers directly, we have been able to offer customers products that meet their needs. This in itself has created a more pleasant atmosphere for customers that far exceeds any of our competitors. I only hope that you can come visit us and experience what shoe buying is supposed to be like…….FUN!

“I once had a customer say to me …”I would never put a cheap foundation on my home so why would I ever put cheap shoes on my child’s foot”. That is a perfect summary of what we at Little Feet are all about. We pride ourselves in offering customers brands that use top quality materials with good support and durable construction. Our job is to create an exceptional footwear buying experience for you and your child.