Bug Repellent Balm
Bug Repellent Balm
Bug Repellent Balm
Bug Repellent Balm
Bug Repellent Balm

Walrus Oil

Bug Repellent Balm

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Instantly turn into a repulsively unattractive human to mosquitoes, flies, and other woodland pests. Logger's Bug Repellent by Walrus Oil® is a 100% plant-based and DEET free mosquito repellent that uses the power of nature. Active ingredients proven to help keep the pests away while hiking, canoeing, or whatever your adventure looks like. Stop hating, start hiking! 

Size: 2 oz
100% plant-based
DEET free
Vegan Friendly
Made in USA

Ingredients, Benefits, and Claims
Designed to repel mosquitoes and flies while enjoying the outdoors.

Active Ingredients: Castor Oil 16%, Cedarwood Oil 4%, Citronella Oil 2%, Rosemary Oil 2%, and Clove Oil 2%.

Inert Ingredients 74%: Almond Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Cocoa Butter (Deodorized).
Scent designed to ward off pests without smelling like chemicals. 

Apply to areas of skin that need protection, reapply as needed. If product gets into eyes, flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Care
For best results use within 6 months after opening. Keep at room temperature or in a cool and dry place. Keep tin sealed when not in use. Product may melt in hot temps, store below 90F degrees.

General Disclaimer for Skincare Products
Essential oils we use in our products are heavily diluted and never make up more than 10% of the contents per ingredient. As an act of precaution we recommend pregnant women and adolescents to consult with their doctor before use. Always test on a small area of skin to see if it's irritating. If irritation occurs, please wash skin and discontinue use.

Customer Reviews 

Charlene C.    United States United States     (walrusoil.com)

My gf brought her walrus oil and shared with us on our recent backpacking trip. After using it in hopes of repelling fly's and mosquitoes I did not even bring out my diet to use again. Not only did it work great to repel but it also smelled wonderful of citrus. Got home and ordered my own and looking forward to use again next year on our future backpacking trips!

John H.    United States United States     (walrusoil.com)
This is, by far, the best natural pest repellent product I have ever used! The scent is great, with a citronella-like smell… but the basil and cedar wood balance everything out! Another reason to love Walrus Oil!

Raymond T.    United States United States      (walrusoil.com)
My son is a mosquito magnet and we have tried everything we can to keep them from attacking him! He’s literally gone outside for 20 minutes and has been bitten a dozen times. We always go with more natural routes especially if it’s something that is going in or on our bodies. Well once I got this stuff out search was over! We got this bug balm and lathered him up and threw him outside to see how good it is and wow you guys. It smells amazing and working so well! We spent hours outside and we were sweating like crazy and this stuff still worked.