Adult Slipfree Water Socks -Black Peace
Adult Slipfree Water Socks -Black Peace
Adult Slipfree Water Socks -Black Peace


Adult Slipfree Water Socks -Black Peace

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Go retro in this 60s inspired print! Covered in vibrant neon symbols and shapes which stand out against the black background you can unleash your inner hippie!

Slipfree®s firm-grip soles help prevent slips on wet and dry floors and the high-tech fabric helps protect feet on hot sand and rough surfaces. The breathable stretchy fabric also allows for comfortable movement of the feet, giving the feeling of walking and swimming barefoot. The stretchy elastic nature of Slipfree® shoes means that they span more than one foot size which is great news for those fast growing children's feet.

  • Wear on holidays - at the pool or waterpark, at the beach, in the sea, on a boat or surfboard.
  • Wear at home - at the pool, in the garden, the bathroom or the playground.
  • Wear whilst exercising - at the gym, pilates or yoga.

     *Slipfree®s firm-grip soles can help reduce slipping and sliding, however there is always a risk of slipping and falling, please act sensibly whilst wearing.

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