Cork Sealer & Protectant
Cork Sealer & Protectant
Cork Sealer & Protectant
Cork Sealer & Protectant


Cork Sealer & Protectant

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The Birkenstock Cork Sealer nourishes and protects the exposed cork on many sandal and clog styles. Non-toxic and easy to apply, this rub on treatment will add life to your cork. Whenever your cork has a few dry patches, just pull this out and treat. Protect and seal your cork with a thin coat of clear drying cork sealer. Revive the look of your cork with just one coat of our long-lasting sealer. Experience the feeling of fresh, quality cork with each treatment, and enjoy the confidence of knowing you're protecting your Birkenstock cork for years to come!


  • Seals & Protects the cork on your sandals and clogs from the outside elements
  • Non-toxic 
  • Easy to apply with a cloth
  • Made in the USA


Remove 2-part cap and puncture seal with top piece.

Replace applicator cap and apply.

Dries in 15 minutes, any excess can be cleaned off with water


  • 89ml (3 fl oz) Cork Sealer tube with sponge applicator