Prewalker Leather Bootie - Cognac
Prewalker Leather Bootie - Cognac


Prewalker Leather Bootie - Cognac

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The leather used in the little shoes is acquired from the reputable German supplier - Ecopell. Ecopell can be seen as one of the most environmental- and skin-friendly leathers on the market.
  • Colour: Cognac Brown
  • Chrome free leather
  • Vegetable certified materials
  • Adjustable velcro closure (Hook & Loop)
  • Made in Croatia

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    Happy children’s feet deserve only the best materials

    At Froddo, we have always taken care of the health of children’s feet, which is why we use only the best natural materials to make Froddo shoes. We put a great deal of love in every pair of shoes, and we pay special attention to the quality, comfort and functionality of shoes. When designing a collection, we are helped by children, parents, children psychologists and orthopaedic specialists so that we can create the perfect shoes that allow for natural and healthy development of children’s sensitive feet. We pay equal attention to the environment and to the health of children’s feet. Our production takes place in a clean, natural environment in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection. Our shoes do not contain hazardous chemical compounds that may have an adverse effect on human health.