Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple
Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple


Rainbow Kid's Athletic Trainer - Gray/Purple

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With a long and storied existence going back to 1873, Tsukihoshi is the largest manufacturer and distributor of children’s footwear in Japan. Tsukihoshi has been collaborating with orthopedic specialists since 1985, perfecting a line of children’s shoes that focuses on the health, protection and comfort of children’s feet. Now, Tsukihoshi’s line of hyper-functional footwear has reached America. Every Tsukihoshi style is machine washable, ultra-lightweight, and is designed to not only support but to promote proper foot development. These attributes, along with the brand’s terrific styling, make Tsukihoshi stand out as a truly unique brand in children’s athletics.

  • Machine Washable – Machine wash COLD; Remove insole and AIR dry (NO dryer use).
  • Ultra lightweight - Provides exceptional comfort and functionality for kids.
  • Removeable Insole – Infused with natural Green Tea extract (no chemicals) to kill odor causing germs.
  • Pedorthist Friendly - With its removable insole, long counters, and child-specific patterns, Tsukihoshi has become a favorite for Pedorthists looking to make modifications to accommodate customized orthotics and/or AFO's.
  • Barefoot Comfort – Wide toe boxes allow natural splaying of toes for balanced landing and maximum comfort.
  • Heel Stabilizer – Long heel counter provides optimum stability.
  • Easy On & Off – Single strap 'hook and loop' closure and elastic faux-laces for superb fitting.
  • Arch Support – Shoe last and insole designed to provide proper arch support for growing kids.
  • Breathable textile lining and cushioned foot-bed for active comfort.
  • EVA/TPR outsole – Ultra-lightweight, provides excellent flexibility, abrasive-resistance, shock absorption, stability and slip-resistance for safety and comfort.
  • Non-marking outsole.
  • Imported.


Download this chart to get the right fit.

Function Committed to keeping children’s feet healthy since 1873, at Tsukihoshi we develop all shoes with a very generous fit in the forefront so that toes are free to splay out, stretch and wiggle just as if barefoot.

Free Your Toes

With appropriate space around them, toes can maintain a tactile contact with the ground and instinctively grip it, boosting children’s sense of balance as they develop. 

Moreover, unconstrained toes contribute to a healthy arch development as well as allow soft bones and cartilage to align naturally throughout their delicate growing process.

Heel Stabilizer

Whilst toes are free to move, the rest of a child’s foot needs great stability to avoid its natural tendency to over-pronate (landing on the arch side).

Our counter stabilizer braces the heel and the foot arch, providing the much needed stability to achieve a proper walking.

Light and Flexible Soles

Our extremely flexible”Flex-Joint Outsoles” are specifically designed to help children’s feet to flex, to promote natural movements as well as provide maximum comfort to little feet that are still learning how to balance.