A child's foot is NOT the same as an adults foot!

Finding the perfect kids shoe can be challenging. The differences in the shape of kids' feet are huge. And since the nerve endings in kids' feet are not fully developed, it’s difficult for them to tell whether their shoes are too tight or not. 

Their soft foot bones will adopt the shape of poor fitting or too small shoes and cause foot related problems. So, it is important to allow the bones and muscles in the foot to develop free and unrestricted. 


0 - 2 YEARS: Very soft and flexible feet. Bones are not yet ‘connected’ and arches not yet developed. Large amount of fatty tissue and underdeveloped muscle gives a ‘flat-footed’ look. Wide forefoot is the characteristic shape.

3 - 7 YEARS: The foot continues to be soft and flexible. The arches are now beginning to develop, along with the muscles. The shape of the foot begins to narrow, but the forefoot is still wider in comparison to an adult foot.

8 - 12 YEARS: Some of the flexibility is gone, but the foot is still very pressure sensitive. The arches are almost fully developed giving the foot an adult-like shape. However the forefoot is still comparatively wide.


Proper development of the foot is important for your kid’s further body development. It is always recommended to go into a store and to have their feet measured properly to ensure you are making the right choice.